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Cory Treffiletti, President, Catalyst SF; Mediapost columnist
"Pete has been a pioneer in the digital space since back in 1994 and has always been successful at identifying areas of efficiency inside the agency structure. he is an amazing person to work with, always going far beyond the call of duty to ensure his clients are receiving the best service, and he always make a profit for their partners. On top of it all, he's a great person."
Debbie Nigro, Chief Executive Babe, StillABabe
"Peter is doing a great job both in managing our community and evolving it's direction. He provides dependable service, taught us all how to do what we need to do, and stays on top our changing needs. He is an invaluable part of our team."
Ian Schafer, CEO/Founder, Deep Focus "Peter has proven to be a true web innovators. He helped revolutionize the way online advertising was strategized and purchased and left a great, indelible impression upon everyone he worked with. More importantly, he is a genuinely good, honest person that can be trusted to do what's best for you and your brand. His care of and attention to his clients and employees have been integral to their success. Add his knowledge and understanding of the web, and you've got a combination that is a recipe for success."
Scott Heiferman, CEO/CoFounder, Meetup
"Peter is true internet pioneer who knows advertising. I've never seen anyone work harder, with more heart and soul, than this guy. He always has ideas, knows how to execute, and you'll want to go out for Long Island Iced Teas after the campaign's a success."
Peter Figueredo, CEO/CoFounder, NETexponent; Co-chair Council,Association of Interactive Marketing "When Peter left the traditional ad agency world to start i-traffic he created a truly client focused agency combining the best of traditional agency strategies and new world interactive marketing creativity. He taught me that you win clients every day and not just during the new business process. Peter strives for constant innovation and hold himself accountable for all results."